We begin the process of accepting registration for new students at our preschool location in January for placement for the coming September of that year. We at Butterfly Progressive Montessori Preschool believe that to understand our philosophy you have to experience it yourself. We encourage parents to contact us to set up a tour at our preschool and observe the children in session. Our Administrator will guide you through our preschool and answer any questions that you might have. Please note that you must bring your child along during the tour as it is an excellent time to determine whether our school is a good fit for your child. Also, tours are only given to children who are turning 36 months that year.

Once it is determined that your child would thrive at our school and that you would like your child to attend our preschool, you will be provided with a Registration Package. Once the registration form, the non-refundable $100 registration fee, and all post-dated cheques are provided to our preschool, your child’s placement is confirmed.

Your child is eligible to attend Butterfly Progressive Montessori Preschool if he/she is:

• 36 months of age before December 31 of the year of entrance at our preschool