Butterfly Progressive Montessori Preschool was founded by Ms. Harp Mundie in 1997. The idea came to her after her two sons had attended two different types of preschools. After contemplating the two, she asked herself why not provide a preschool with the best of both approaches. Hence, Butterfly Progressive Montessori Preschool was born. After teaching at the Preschool location for several years, I took over Butterfly in late 2014 and I strongly agree that children who have encountered both Montessori and play based materials have developed a more inquisitive, creative and detailed oriented mind. As well as being independent and confident. I believe that children have great potentials even at a very young age, it is our goal as a directress to inspire and light up those potentials. Whenever I see a child accomplish a certain activity after numerous tries, the look on their face always made me smile. When I took over the schools, I followed our founder’s idea that we needed a school for young children that was cohesive of the best philosophies, artistically, socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Butterfly Progressive Montessori Preschool is that cohesive school.