Dear Parents,

Thank you for trusting in us to send your child to school in September. Class will begin on September 7th.

During class, children are not required to wear masks, but our teachers will be and we require the person who drops off and/or picks up do so as well. And while waiting in line, please keep 2 metres apart. The windows will always be open letting fresh air in. Materials that are hard to disinfect will be removed. In addition, as our sink is not right next to the door, we ask that you take your child to the washroom to wash their hands before entering the classroom, and once again when they’re dismissed. Of course, we will be monitoring them to wash their hands whenever necessary throughout the class, such as sneezing, coughing, touching their nose and mouth, going to the washroom and after returning from outside play or gym.

I’m sure you have already heard that the grade school students will be returning as well full-time. Rest assured, our daily schedule does not clash with theirs and we will avoid any close contact with them. 

Once school begins, we ask that you assess your child daily for symptoms before sending them to school. If you or your child shows any symptoms of cold/flu please keep your child home for 14 days or until you or your child recovers. Teachers who are sick will do the same. We will be asking you at drop-off each day to confirm that your child doesn’t have any symptoms. If a child, family member or teacher tested positive for Covid-19, the school will close pending public health investigation of that individual and further instruction from them.

The teachers will maintain physical distancing from one another during class time and will minimize the frequency of direct contact with children and reminding them to do so with their peers.

Moreover, there will be no snack provided at the school to reduce the chances of spreading germs. Please prepare an easy and healthy snack and a water bottle with a label for your child. Please remember we are a peanut and tree nut free school.

The person who picks up should not enter the classroom or touch their boxes, we will guide the child to the door. 

Please bring your own pen to avoid touching the sign in/out sheet directly and apply hand sanitizer or wash your hands before and after touching it. 

If your child develops symptoms in class, we will immediately isolate the child in a supervised area and contact you. You will need to pick up your child right away. 

I’ve attached the new COVID-19 guidelines for childcare and cleaning and disinfecting measures we will be implementing. Please take some time to read through it.

We hope to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child while giving them a chance to socialize and learn again.

We can’t wait to see you all.


Best regards,

Theresa Lee